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      Best Sellers Ice Hot
        20oz 16oz
      Golden Oolong Milk Tea 17
      Pearl Milk Tea 18
    Premium Jasmine Tea Latte 19
    TieGuanYin Tea Latte 19
    2020茶湯會_推薦ICON_英文版用 Coconut Double Taro Tea Latte 21
      Original Tea Ice Hot
        20oz 16oz
      Premium Jasmine Green Tea 11
      Signature Black Tea 11
      TieGuanYin Tea 13
      Golden Oolong Tea 13
      Flavored Tea Ice Hot
        20oz 16oz
      White Gourd TieGuanYin Tea 15
      Honey Golden Oolong Tea 16
      Honey Green Tea 16  
      Black Tea with Soy Milk 18
      TieGuanYin Tea with Soy Milk 18
      Golden Oolong Tea with Soy Milk 18
      Passion Fruit Jasmine Tea 19  
      Strawberry Yogurt 20  
      Mango Yogurt 20  
      Mango Green Tea with Aloe 20  
      Passion Fruit Green Tea with Aloe 21  
      Yakult Green Tea 21  

  •   Milk Tea Ice Hot
        20oz 16oz
      Milk Tea 17
      Milk Tea with Grass Jelly 17
      Milk Tea with Coconut Jelly 17
      Premium Jasmine Milk Tea 17
      TieGuanYin Milk Tea 17
      Golden Oolong Milk Tea with Pearls 18
      Pearl TieGuanYin Milk Tea 18
      Pearl Jasmine Milk Tea 18
      Soy Milk Tea 18
      Strawberry Milk Tea 18  
      Taro Balls Golden Oolong Milk Tea 18
      Pudding Milk Tea 20  
      Fresh Blended Tea Ice Hot
        20oz 16oz
      White Gourd Lemon Tea 17  
      Lemon Premium Jasmine Tea 19  
      Lemon Tea 19
      Golden Oolong Tea with Lemon 19  
      Honey Lemon Tea 20  
      Honey with Lemon and Aloe Chunks 21  
      Yakult Lemon Tea 21  
      Tea Latte Ice Hot
        20oz 16oz
    Black Tea Latte 19
    White Gourd Latte 19
    Pearl Black Tea Latte 20
    Pearl TieGuanYin Latte 20
    Pearl Premium Jasmine Latte 20
      Strawberry Latte 21  
      Mango Latte 21  
      Black Tea Latte with Red Bean
    (Hot Only)
      Pearl Black Tea Latte with Red Bean
    (Hot Only)
      Winter Limited Ice Hot
        20oz 16oz
      Ginger Tea 16
      Ginger Milk Tea 17
      Purple Rice Red Bean Black Tea Latte 21
      Purple Rice Taro Black Tea Latte 21
      Pearl Coconut Purple Rice Tea Latte
    (Ice Available)
       (Ginger Series / Launched in December)
    Other Instructions
    Extra Topping:

    [ Pearls, Aloe Vera, Red Beans, Grass Jelly, Coconut Jelly ]

    [ Taro Balls ]

    [ Pudding ]

    To preserve the best taste of the drink, we do not provide this item without ice.

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