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Currency:TWD (New Taiwan Dollar)
      Best Sellers (Caffeine Included) Ice Hot
        22oz 16oz
      Honey Scented Black Tea/Pearls 40
      Lemon Premium Jasmine Tea 60  
    2020茶湯會_推薦ICON_英文版用-01 Jelly Cake Buckwheat Four Seasons Oolong Tea 60  
      TieGuanYin Tea Latte/Pearls 65
      QQ Lemon Four Seasons Oolong Tea 70  
      Black Tea Latte with Red Beans/Pearls 70
      Oolong Tea (Caffeine Included) Ice Hot
        22oz 16oz
      Tieguanyin Tea  35
      Four Seasons Oolong Tea/Pearls 40
      White Gourd Tieguanyin Tea 45
    2020茶湯會_推薦ICON_英文版用-01 Osmanthus Tieguanyin Tea 50
      Tieguanyin Milk Tea 50
      White Gourd Tieguanyin Lemon Tea 55  
      White Gourd Tieguanyin Latte/Pearls 65
      Honey Four Seasons Oolong Tea Latte/Pearls 75
    2020茶湯會_推薦ICON_英文版用-01 Osmanthus Tieguanyin Tea Latte/Pearls 75
      Black Tea (Caffeine Included) Ice Hot
        22oz 16oz
      Signature Black Tea (Uva Black Tea) 35
      Tieguanyin Black Tea 35
      Soy Milk Black Tea 45
      Milk Tea (Uva Milk Tea) 50
      Soy Milk Milk Tea 50
      Pearl Milk Tea 55
      Honey Scented Milk Tea/Pearls 60
    2020茶湯會_推薦ICON_英文版用-01 Ceylon Uva Lemon Black Tea 60
      Tieguanyin Black Tea Latte/Pearls 65
      Black Tea Latte/Pearls 65
      Green Tea (Caffeine Included) Ice Hot
        22oz 16oz
      Premium Jasmine Green Tea 35
    2020茶湯會_推薦ICON_英文版用-01 Osmanthus Jasmine Tea 50
      Premium Jasmine Milk Tea 50
      Premium Pearl Jasmine Milk Tea 55
      Honey Green Tea 55  
      Passion Fruit Jasmine Tea  55  
      Fruit Tea 65
      Premium Jasmine Tea Latte/Pearls 65
      Buckwheat Series Ice Hot
        22oz 16oz
      Buckwheat Drink  (Caffeine-Free) 40
      Buckwheat Four Seasons Oolong Tea (Caffeine Included) 50
    2020茶湯會_推薦ICON_英文版用-01 Osmanthus Buckwheat Drink (Caffeine-Free) 55
      Caffeine-Free  Ice  
      White Gourd Lemon Drink 55  
      Honey Lemon Drink 60  
      White Gourd Latte 65  
      Seasonal Limited (Caffeine Included)  Ice  
      **Release in May** 22oz  
      Yakult Green Tea 55  
      Pudding Milk Tea 55  
      Mango Green Tea 65  
      Oriental Beauty Tea Latte
    (White-tip Oolong Tea)
    2020茶湯會_推薦ICON_英文版用-01 Oriental Beauty Tea
    (White-tip Oolong Tea)
      Four Seasons Oolong Fruit Tea
    (Passion Fruit+Mango)
    2020茶湯會_推薦ICON_英文版用-01 Mango Green Tea with Coconut Jelly 75  
      Egg Pancakes (5packs)  
      Original 45
      Custard 55
      Pearl Custard 55
    2020茶湯會_推薦ICON_英文版用-01 Mixed: Original*1, Custard*2, Pearl Custard*2 55
      Strawberry Chocolate Custard 65
      Chocolate Custard 65
      Lemon Chocolate Custard 65
    2020茶湯會_推薦ICON_英文版用-01 Mixed: Original*1+Custard*1+Strawberry*1+Chocolate*1+Lemon*1 65
    Other Instructions
    Extra Topping:

    Red Beans, Lemon Juice, Agar Pearls, Coconut Jelly, Bubbles, Pearls

    Jelly Cake, Pudding

    Latte drinks are recommended to finish early for its best taste. Latte foam dissipates after a period of time and results in less volume is also a natural phenomenon.

    Drinks without ice are served at 80 percent full.

    【Applicable Store:Kaohsiung Qingnian No.1 Store, Tainan Fuguo Store, Fengshan Ziqiang No.2 Store, Fengshan Guangyuan Store, Hengchun Zhongzheng Store, Tainan Changrong Store, Tainan Jiali Store, Pingtung Chaozhou Store, Tainan Chenggong Store, Tainan Datong Store, Chiayi Minsheng South Store, Fengshan Qingnian Second Store, Tainan Shanhua Store, Tainan Ximen Store, Chiayi Jiabei Store, Pingtung Linsen Store, Chiayi Youai Store, Kaohsiung Lingya Second Store, Kaohsiung Wumiao Store, Tainan Yongkang Zhongzheng Store】

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