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How to Make It a Success

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How to Make It a Success

  • Rule No.1 

    Be Positive and Committed

    Starting a business is never easy. You have to shed blood, sweat and tears before reaping that sweet fruit of success. There will also be times that you want to just give up. Before becoming a franchisee, please make sure that you are determined to face every single challenge with a positive attitude on your way to success.

  • Rule No.2 

    Your Health is the Foundation of Success

    The food and beverage service industry is not easy. In addition to long working hours, not being able to eat on time and standing for long hours, storefront management, HR management, customer relations, complaints and other issues may impose great pressure for on the owner, which will affect his/her routine and health. Therefore we truly want to make sure that each franchisee has fully understood what is like to run a tea shop as well as their health conditions since it will be a shame to quit halfway due to health reasons.

  • Rule No.3 

    High Standard

    The take out beverage business is highly competitive against so many brands and stores already in the market. TP TEA has established a great reputation by our high standard for tea quality and excellent customer service. Therefore we want each potential franchisee to identify with our principles and provide high quality products to customers while leading employees by example.

  • Rule No.4 

    Act Like a Business Owner, not an Investor

    TP TEA asks each franchisee to personally run their store because we want our partners as business owners, not investors. Successful management brings good revenue and successful management relied on whether or not the business owner is good at decision-making and swift execution of such decisions. We ask our franchisees to participate in store operation to ensure product quality and customer service and make decisions accordingly.

  • Rule No.5 

    Be Happy and Energetic

    Food and beverage industry is part of the service industry. As you run a store, you have to interact with every customer. TP TEA believe that each customer represent an opportunity to serve someone. Therefore in addition to making a good cup of tea for customers, TP TEA requires our franchisee and their workers to be genuinely happy while serving customers. If you want to join the TP TEA family, you must open your heart and let your passion and energy out.

  • Rule No.6 

    Follow the Instructions

    When starting a franchise business, a franchisee’s goal is to learn all the know-how and skills. However, the success of a franchise relies on the franchisee him/herself. Professional skills are not easy to master. In order to do so, the franchisee must trust and follow the headquarters’ instructions and practice repeatedly. Those who cannot follow instructions and have a poor attitude will only run into walls while running the business.

  • Rule No.7 

    Know Yourself and Love what You Choose

    Franchise is like marriage. TP TEA wants to be able to trust and assist all of our franchisees. Therefore we require each franchisee to gain a deep understanding of the tea market and TP TEA before choosing to become our franchisee. Once they choose to become TP TEA franchisees, we want them to fully trust the headquarters’ policies and decisions. There is a reason why the headquarter is doing well and if a franchisee does not trust the headquarter, the policy discrepancy will result in customer confusion. This will only affect our product and service quality, impact other franchisees’ business and the TP TEA reputation as a whole.

  • Rule No.8 


    Our headquarter and franchisees are independent business entities and only with reasonable revenue can headquarters continue its business, provide better quality control for our franchisees, develop new products, provide training, engage in marketing and assist franchisees’ business. Therefore the franchisees must believe that the headquarters are helping them. If they believe that headquarter only care about their own profit, they will disagree in many things, which will only prevent the success of both sides.

  • Rule No.9 

    Become Independent on Your Way to Success

    Whether it is starting your own business or becoming a franchisee, you must be responsible for your success and realize that the great key to your success lied in your will, execution and business skills. The headquarter can only provide assistance and protection to an extent, and there’s no guarantee that customers come to your store or promise higher revenue. Our franchisees must have proper management skills, provide high quality products and services, maintain a welcoming storefront and provide friendly service to have chance to rise up against competition in the tea drink industry.

Franchise Criteria

Ideal Candidates
  • Between the age of 22 and 38,with a minimum education level of vocational school. A franchisee must have at least 3 people (husband and wife or siblings) to participate in the business full-time.

  • Highly interested in the tea industry and can identify with TP TEA’s business practices.

  • Positive, confident, ambitious and willing to serve

  • Willing to receive the headquarters’ full training

  • Sufficient fund, good moral and credit.

  • Store size of 10 to 15 ping (can be rental or self-owned) require to obtain approval from headquarter.

  • Franchising does not open to downtown Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. We offer franchise opportunities to north of Miali and south of Yunlin.

Unsuitable Candidates
  • Do not know much about TP TEA or never taste TP TEA’s tea

  • Has more than 2 business partnerships

  • Self-centered

  • No interest or passion for the tea business and only looking for a quick buck

  • Insufficient fund and bad credit

  • Too shy to interact with others

  • Cannot stand for long hours, physically ill or busy with other business

  • Not willing to run the business fulltime and only looking for a quick buck

  • Indecisive, irresponsible and grew up protected by the parents

  • Need someone else to watch the children or not supported by the family

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