Revolution of Tea
How to Make It a Success

Reach everyone with a good cup of tea

Experience the art of the tea ceremony in daily life
Let everyone immerse his/her daily life in the fragrance of tea

Domestic Franchise Application Franchise

「 Happy Life Starts with TP TEA Franchise 」

What are you waiting for? Fill up the online application now!
Please proceed to find a location for your TP TEA store after a further meeting with TP TEA. Download, fill up and submit the storefront evaluation form to the headquarter. We will send representative to evaluate the storefront with you.

  • Step01

    Fill up the application form

  • Step02

    Attend our orientation meeting

  • Step03

    Storefront evaluation

  • Step04

    Further meeting

  • Step05

    Sign the rental lease
    of the store

  • Step06

    Sign the franchisee agreement

  • Step07

    Store layout design
    and decor

  • Step08

    Staff training

  • Step09


  • Step10

    Pass TP TEA assessment
    evaluation test

  • Step11

    Headquarters advisor
    provides assistance on-site

  • Step12

    Grand opening
    you are open for business

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