Revolution of Tea

Love for flavors, the aroma of a lifetime

TP TEA will continue this tradition of friendship building via tea
by selecting the finest quality of tea leaves and making each cup of tea to order.


Brand Origin

Friendship Via Tea

Friends of tea

This concept originates from the tea culture in the Tang Dynasty, which means serving tea in gatherings. TP TEA was founded in Taichung, Taiwan in July 2005. TP TEA, while intending to honor the tea-drinking culture from the Tang Dynasty among the literati, utilizes its decades of experience in tea blending to create quality tea that are easily available, giving the general public a glimpse of the literati gatherings in ancient China.

Love Via Tea

To convey with tea

TP TEA continues the tradition of expressing love via tea by selecting the finest quality of tea leaves and making each cup of tea drink to order. In this highly-competitive and constantly-revolving take out beverage industry, TP TEA insists on blending highest quality of tea that will make our customers happy. This strategy will not bring rapid growth but will help us gain a foothold in the market and succeed in the long run.


  • Various Teas

    < Tea and tea >

    With a deep understanding of the characteristics and proper brewing techniques of each type of tea leaves, we select and blend different types of tea leaves to create our unique tea drinks.

  • Tea and Relationships

    < Tea and person >

    TP TEA places a great emphasis on our employee development. We organize tea blend assessment, customer service etiquette and other training sessions. TP TEA also organizes seminars from time to time to establish a well-founded cultural environment to help our employees grow.

  • Relationships

    < person and person >

    TP TEA aims to meet friends via tea. With each friendly gesture, accompanied by a cup of great tea, we want the sense of happiness to linger on the tongues of our friends. With each sip of our tea, they will enjoy a sweet aftertaste full of our love and passion.

Brand Vision

Brand vision

Honor the traditions while building our own unique brand image.

While adhering to the tea culture in the Tang and Song Dynasty, TP TEA, as a professional and quality brand, makes tea drinks that are readily available. TP TEA will establish its unique brand image and realize its concept of meeting friends via tea.

Brand vision

Top choice for tea to-go

TP TEA has cultivated the various segments of the Taiwanese market, from cities to suburbs, from the main island to outlying islands and from major public transportation hubs to department stores. Each store maintains the highest standard in its offerings.


In 2016, TP TEA became the top choice for tea drinks with more than 260 stores in Taiwan.

Brand vision

Revolutionize the global tea market with oversea expansions

As the company continues to grow in all aspects, TP TEA is ready to conquer the world. The first overseas store in Hong Kong generated nothing but positive reviews. In 2017, TP TEA expanded to Shanghai and central China. Gradually expand to Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia markets, stop in Singapore, Japan, and continue to develop in the United States and Canada. In the future, we will keep spreading the Taiwan Professional TEA to reach every corner of the world.

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