Revolution of Tea
Creativity Revolution of Tea
5 Tips in Tea Blending

Love for flavors, the aroma of a lifetime

TP TEA will continue this tradition of friendship building via tea
by selecting the finest quality of tea leaves and making each cup of tea to order.


Only the tea, ingredients, origin of production,manufacturing process and delivery process that meet our toughest standard will be allowed in TP TEA.
By careful scrutiny throughout the entire process and periodically voluntary product inspection, TP TEA is proudly providing tea of highest quality.


TP TEA only uses fresh and in-season ingredients in our tea.
All the tea is made to order to ensure each customer can enjoy the freshest and most tasty tea.
All the tea is brewed on the day and is discarded 3 hours later.
No preservative, artificial coloring or flavoring is used in our fresh tapioca balls.
We also manufacture our cane sugar the old-fashioned way so that our customers can enjoy the natural sweetness instead of artificial fructose.


Our R&D team with decades of tea blending experience is behind each of our addictive tea drink.
Each tea drink is repeatedly tasted and tested to determine the best ratio that has the best and irreplaceable tea flavor.


Repeated tasting test daily to ensure the high quality and taste of each cup of tea.
This has been the TP TEA way for years.


Friendship via Tea.
By serving you a cup of good tea, your happiness is the true testament to our love and passion for tea.
May you enjoy the great aftertaste and sense of happiness that linger on your tongue.

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