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TP TEA | 茶湯會

Founded in 2005

TP TEA has utilized the 40 years of experience and expertise in tea to select tea leaves of the finest quality for our consumers.
We want to make new friends via tea and therefore want to provide the best tea for them.
Everyone at TP TEA is committed to making the best tea to entertain our customers.

Revolution of Tea

What makes a cup of great tea?


Blending Creativity
Revolution of Tea

The Art of Tea Blending

  • Various Teas

    Various Teas

    With a deep understanding of the characteristics and proper brewing techniques of each type of tea leaves, we select and blend different types of tea leaves to create our unique tea drinks.

  • Tea and Relationships

    Tea and Relationships

    TP TEA places a great emphasis on our employee development. We organize tea blend assessment, customer service etiquette and other training sessions. TP TEA also organizes seminars from time to time to establish a well-rounded cultural environment to help our employees grow.

  • Relationships


    TP TEA aims to make new friends via tea. With each friendly gesture, accompanied by a cup of great tea, we want the sense of happiness to linger on the tongues of our customers. With each sip of our tea, they certainly will enjoy a sweet aftertaste full of our love and passion.

Revolution of Tea

The Beginning of Wonderful Tastes


Reintroducing tea

TP TEA utilizes its 30 years of experience and expertise in selecting quality tea leaves to create the best, most innovative, pure and quality tea, satisfying even the pickiest taste bud. Quality tea does not need additional flavoring. Each cup of tea has our years of experience in tea blending behind it. Every single step is carefully planned and every sip is full of our love and passion.

  • 觀音拿鐵
  • 翡翠檸檬
  • 珍珠紅豆拿鐵
  • TEA


    Only the origin of production, manufacturing process and tea leaves that meet our toughest standard will be allowed in TP TEA. We combine a variety of ingredients and proper tea brewing techniques to bring out the flavor and fragrance unique to each type of tea and create our signature drinks.



    TP TEA will continue this tradition of friendship building via tea by selecting the finest quality of tea leaves and making each cup of tea to order. By serving you a cup of good tea, your happiness is the true testament to our love and passion for tea.

  • PRO


    Our R&D team with decades of tea blending experience is behind each of our addictive tea drink. Each tea drink is repeatedly tasted and tested to determine the best ratio that has the best and irreplaceable tea flavor.

Revolution of Tea

Enjoying another day with tea

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Revolution of Tea
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TP TEA is revolutionizing the tea market worldwide

TP TEA is revolutionizing the tea market worldwide. TP TEA has expanded worldwide and opened its first location in Hong Kong in 2016, which has generated nothing but positive reviews. In 2017, TP TEA expanded to Shanghai and central China, which was followed by Japan, Singapore, and America in 2018. TPTEA also expands to Canada, Thailand and Philippines in 2020. In the future, the company will expand to more locations to reach southeast Asia, northeast Asia and Europe with its wonderful tea drinks.
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